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Metal Single Crystals

Application: Metal single crystals are required among others for basic research (surface physics, catalytic chemistry, investigation of material properties, etc.), for monochromators (for X-ray, neutrons, etc.) and electron sources (W-needles, LaB6-, CeB6-cathodes, etc.).

Properties: The quality of our crystals is characterized by an especially low mosaicity. During preparation of the surface, particular emphasis will be put on orientation accuracy of the crystallographic direction. We guarantee orientation accuracy of less than 0.1° (typically less than 0.05°). After a low number of heat- and sputter-cycles the especially careful surface polishing allows the direct investigation of the up to several 1000 nm broad atomic terraces.

Mosaicity of the crystals: the mosaicity describes the deviation from the perfect structure of the crystal.​ A small angle stands for a perfect crystal structure. For most metal single crystals we achieve a mosaicity of less than 0.1°.

Polishing: roughness < 10nm (typical 1nm for hard metals and typical less 1-5nm for soft metals, even for Pb)

Geometries: (nearly) all specifications of the crystal geometries can be fulfilled.
Please see the examples in the following drawings:


Please click of one of the following drawings, fulfill all required specifications and we are pleased to provide you an offer. In case the desired geometry is not listed, please sent us a drawing and we are pleased to prove the feasibility.

Here you will find more information about Crystals and crystal growth.

Metal single crystal Purity Info*   Metal single crystal Purity Info
Aluminium - Al 6N   Magnesium - Mg 5N
Antimony - Sb 6N2   Molybdenum - Mo 4N
Bismut - Bi 5N   Nickel - Ni 4N
Cadmium - Cd 5N   Niobium - Nb 4N
Chromium - Cr 5N   Palladium - Pd 5N
Cobalt - Co 4N   Platinum - Pt 4N
Copper - Cu 5N   Rhenium - Re 4N
Dysprosium - Dy 3N5   Rhodium - Rh 4N
Gadolinium - Gd 4N   Ruthenium - Ru 4N
Germanium - Ge 6N   Silicon - Si 5N
Gold - Au 5N   Silver - Ag 5N
Hafnium - Hf 4N ex Zr   Tantalum - Ta 4N
Holmium - Ho 3N5   Tellurium - Te 6N
Indium - In 6N   Tin - Sn 6N
Iridium - Ir 4N   Titanium** - Ti 4N
Iron - Fe 4N   Tungsten - W 5N
Lead - Pb 5N   Vanadium - V 4N
Lithium - Li 2N8   Yttrium - Y 3N5
        Zinc - Zn 6N
        Zirconium - Zr 4N ex Hf**

*from literature "The Elements" from John Emsley
** Crystal size is limited to a few millimeters

The following allloys are available: Cu2Ce, CuAu, Cu3Au, Cu3Pd, Cu3Pt, Cu75Mn25, CuNi,CoAl, CoGa, FeAl, FeCr, Fe85Cr15, Fe64Ni36, Fe80Ni20, Nb90W10, NiAl ,Ni3Al, Ni3Al (+Fe), NiFe, Pd97Ni3, Pt7Ni, Pt75Ni25, Pt48Ni52, Pt3Cu, PtCo3, Pt3Cr, Pt10Pd90, PtPd, Pt90Pd10, PtRh, Pt80Rh20, Pt90Rh10,Pt95Rh5, TbCu2, V3Si, W99Re1, HfC, TaC, ZrC, NbC, MoC, TiC, VC, Ag10Zn, Bi2Te3, Co50Ga50, Cu91Al9, Cu75Pd25, Cu75Pt25, Cu70Zn30, Fe98Al2, Fe85Al15, Fe53Al47, Fe85Cr15, Fe86Cr14, Fe82,5Cr17,5, Fe80Cr20, Fe77,5Cr22,5, Fe75Cr25, FeCr16Ni14Mo2Mn2, FeCr17Ni12Mo3, Fe96Ni4, LaB6, NbSi2, NiAl, Ni3Al, Ni85Cr15, Ni80Fe20, Ni70Fe30, Ni3Pt, Pd70Au30, Pd3Au, Pd1Ag, Pd3Zr, Pt3Co, Pt3Ni, PtPd, Pt3Ti, Pt50Rh50, SmCo5, Si50Mn50, Ti50Al50, TiC, VO, W2Re, W4Re, ZrC

Further not listed alloys we can grow according to your specifications.