Metal Single Crystals

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Metallic single crystals are used - among other things - in basic research (Surface physics, catalytic chemistry, investigation of material properties, etc.), as monochromators (for X-rays, neutrons, etc.), as electrodes for generating electrons (W neddles, LaB6, CeB6 cathodes, etc.).
Metal Single Crystals - Kristall
Copper single crystal ready for shipment.

Our metal single crystals are characterized by their outstanding high quality:


Mosaicity describes the deviation from the perfect structure of the crystal. It is an angular distribution which represents the orientation of individual crystallites in the crystal volume. A small angular distribution stands for a perfect crystal structure.

We achieve a mosaicity of <0.1° (typically < 0.05°) and can characterize the entire crystal volume with our own gamma diffractometer.

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Metal Single Crystals - Gamma
Our new gamma diffractometer.

Orientation accuracy:

When using the surfaces, the precise alignment of the crystallographic axes to the surfaces is particularly important. We guarantee an orientation accuracy of <0.1° (on request <0.05°).

Metal Single Crystals - Politur
Goniometer heads for exact orientation.

Surface conditioning:

After a few heating and sputtering cycles, the particularly gentle polish allows the direct examination and use of the up to several 1,000 nm wide, atomically smooth surface terraces. We guarantee a roughness (Ra) < 10 nm (usually 0.5 nm).

Metal Single Crystals - Oberfläche
Copper metal single crystal with polished surface.


Specific measurement setups or applications require an individual dimensioning of the crystal. We can fulfill (almost) all wishes for the crystal geometry.

Metal Single Crystals - Geometrien
Geometry: You have (almost) free choice.

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Here you find more information about Crystals and crystal growth.

Aluminium - Al 6N >
Antimony - Sb
6N2 >
Bismut - Bi 5N >
Cadmium - Cd 5N >
Chromium - Cr 5N >
Cobalt - Co 4N >
Copper - Cu 5N >
Dysprosium - Dy 3N5 >
Gadolinium - Gd 4N >
Germanium - Ge 6N >
Gold - Au 5N >
Hafnium - Hf 4N ex Zr >
Holmium - Ho 3N5 >
Indium - In 6N >
Iridium - Ir 4N >
Iron - Fe 4N >
Lead - Pb 5N >
Lithium - Li 2N8 >
Magnesium - Mg 5N >
Molybdenum - Mo 4N >
Nickel - Ni 4N >
Niobium - Nb 4N >
Palladium - Pd 5N >
Platinum - Pt 4N >
Rhenium - Re 4N >
Rhodium - Rh 4N >
Ruthenium - Ru 4N >
Silicon - Si 5N >
Silver - Ag 5N >
Tantalum - Ta 4N >
Tellurium - Te 6N >
Tin- Sn 6N >
Titanium** - Ti 4N >
Tungsten - W 5N >
Vanadium - V 4N >
Yttrium - Y 3N5 >
Zink - Zn 6N >
Zirconium - Zr 4N ex Hf** >

*from literature "The Elements" by John Emsley
** Crystal size is limited to a few milimeters

The following alloys are available: Cu2Ce, CuAu, Cu3Au, Cu3Pd, Cu3Pt, Cu75Mn25, CuNi,CoAl, CoGa, FeAl, FeCr, Fe85Cr15, Fe64Ni36, Fe80Ni20, Nb90W10, NiAl ,Ni3Al, Ni3Al (+Fe), NiFe, Pd97Ni3, Pt7Ni, Pt75Ni25, Pt48Ni52, Pt3Cu, PtCo3, Pt3Cr, Pt10Pd90, PtPd, Pt90Pd10, PtRh, Pt80Rh20, Pt90Rh10,Pt95Rh5, TbCu2, V3Si, W99Re1, HfC, TaC, ZrC, NbC, MoC, TiC, VC, Ag10Zn, Bi2Te3, Co50Ga50, Cu91Al9, Cu75Pd25, Cu75Pt25, Cu70Zn30, Fe98Al2, Fe85Al15, Fe53Al47, Fe85Cr15, Fe86Cr14, Fe82,5Cr17,5, Fe80Cr20, Fe77,5Cr22,5, Fe75Cr25, FeCr16Ni14Mo2Mn2, FeCr17Ni12Mo3, Fe96Ni4, LaB6, NbSi2, NiAl, Ni3Al, Ni85Cr15, Ni80Fe20, Ni70Fe30, Ni3Pt, Pd70Au30, Pd3Au, Pd1Ag, Pd3Zr, Pt3Co, Pt3Ni, PtPd, Pt3Ti, Pt50Rh50, SmCo5, Si50Mn50, Ti50Al50, TiC, VO, W2Re, W4Re, ZrC

Further not listed alloys can be grown according to your specifications.

Overview of elements with access to our shop

1 18
2 13 14 15 16 17
Li Be B C
Na Mg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Al Si P S
K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se
Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Mo
Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te I
Cs Ba La Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi
Ce Pr Nd
Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu

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